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In post-conflict situations, one of the greatest political challenges is to help the leaders of warring factions to work collaboratively, among themselves and with the people they lead–to avoid war, build sustainable democratic institutions and support postwar reconstruction. Since it was founded in 1999, the Africa Program, established at the Wilson Center has worked to promote holistic and sustainable approaches to international conflict resolution, prevention and post-conflict recovery. The Africa Program’sProject on Leadership and Building State Capacity has designed and implemented in-country training programs to strengthen the trust, communication, and negotiation skills among key leaders in countries emerging from violent conflict. As one example, Wilson Center’s Africa and Leadership teams have worked for over 8 years training Burundi’s leaders in these skills. The strategies and techniques developed in Burundi are now being adapted to conflict and post-conflict situations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and other countries worldwide.

Spectrum Media is collaborating with the Africa Program to create a compelling documentary film that will illuminate both how peacebuilding was done in Burundi and its impact on the country.