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Symposium on the History of Vietnam's Southern Resistance

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Image removed.Lịch sử Nam bộ kháng chiến (History of the Southern Resistance)

The Wilson Center's Cold War International History Project (CWIHP), in cooperation with the National Security Archive, has organized an online symposium reviewing the massive four volume collection Lịch sử Nam bộ kháng chiến (History of the Southern Resistance). Compiled and edited by a steering committee composed of high-ranking cadres and government officials, and a team of historians and party leaders, Lịch sử Nam bộ kháng chiến documents the resistance movement in South Vietnam from 1945 through 1975.

Symposium participants include Pierre Asselin (Hawaii Pacific University), Shawn McHale (George Washington University), Merle Pribbenow (Independent Scholar), Sophie Quinn-Judge (Temple University), and Nu-Anh Tran (University of Connecticut). Nguyen Trong Xuat (Editorial Board of Lịch sử Nam bộ kháng chiến) and Lutz Baehr respond to some of the issues and questions raised by the reviewers and provide some additional context to the publication. John Prados (National Security Archive) frames the issues and arguments in an introduction to the reviews.

The views expressed in the reviews of and responses to Lịch sử Nam bộ kháng chiến are the authors’ own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cold War International History Project.

Introduction to the Commentaries on the History of the Southern Resistance

by John Prados, National Security Archive

History of the Southern Resistance or History of the Communist Resistance?: Vietnam’s Official Interpretation of the Resistance War (1945-1954) in the South

by Nu-Anh Tran, University of Connecticut

Caught Between Propaganda and History

by Shawn McHale, George Washington University

Lịch sử Nam bộ kháng chiến and the Interwar Period

by Pierre Asselin, Hawai’i Pacific University

The Urban Movement and the Planning and Execution of the Tet Offensive

by Sophie Quinn-Judge, Temple University

Dau Voi, Duoi Chuot (Head of an Elephant, Tail of a Mouse)

by Merle Pribbenow, Independent Scholar

Some Clarifications on Lịch sử Nam bộ kháng chiến

Nguyen Trong Xuat, Secretary-General of the Editorial Board

The Resistance in South Vietnam following the “Geneva Convention”

Lutz Baehr

Hội Đồng Chỉ Đạo Biên Soạn Lịch Sử Nam Bộ Kháng Chiến, ed. Lịch sử Nam bộ kháng chiến (History of the Southern Resistance). 4 vols. Hà Nội: Nhà xuất bản Chính trị quốc gia, 2010.