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Wilson Foreign Policy Fellowship Program FAQ

Is the Fellowship Program really bipartisan and bicameral?

Yes. Historically, our applicant pool has featured equal representation of both parties and proportional representation of each chamber; our accepted classes reflect the same balance.

How many applicants do you accept each session?

We generally accept no more than 50 applicants for each session.

Can individuals other than Congressional staff apply?

We welcome applications from other exceptional rising leaders who staff U.S. policymakers; however, preference will be given to those currently working on the Hill (including fellows and those on detail to Congressional offices from executive branch agencies).

I don’t handle the foreign policy or defense portfolio in my office. Can I still apply?

Yes. We welcome applications from staff who aspire to work on foreign policy issues but have limited experience in that area. 

If I’m not offered a space in the Fellowship Program—or if I’m accepted but can’t meet the attendance requirements—can I apply again for a future session?

Yes. In both cases applicants are welcome to re-apply for future Fellowship sessions.

If my Member doesn’t have the time to write the optional letter of recommendation, will you accept a letter from a chief-of-staff (or other supervisor)?

Yes. We understand the constraints on Members’ time and will happily accept letters from other recommenders.

What kind of presenters take part in the program?

A wide, expert range. Our recent speakers include former National Security Advisers Sandy Berger and Stephen Hadley; former Sen. Dick Lugar; former Reps. Howard Berman, Frank Wolf, and Dan Glickman; CNN analyst Peter Bergen; and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman. 

Aaron Jones
Director of Congressional Relations

Paige Rotunda
Congressional Program Associate

Foreign Policy Fellowship Program
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