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The Argentina Project aspires to be the premier institution for policy-relevant research on the political and economic reforms underway in Argentina. The project will be a valuable resource for senior officials in the US and Argentine governments, lawmakers, investors, diplomats, and journalists.


The Argentina Project seeks to institutionalize the renewed diplomatic and commercial ties between the United States and Argentina.


This ambitious project takes advantage of renewed significant interest in Argentina in the public and private sectors in the United States, and provides a forum for nonpartisan, long-term discussions about Argentina’s challenges, opportunities, and growing regional and global engagement. The Argentina Project will also analyze relevant regional phenomena affecting Argentina and its neighbors.


Argentina Project activities will include:

• High-profile public events in Washington on Argentine politics and


• Fellowships for Argentine scholars and former senior policymakers

• Private briefings for senior US officials and business leaders

• Joint conferences in Washington and Buenos Aires

• Publications in leading newspapers and policy journals

• Insights from original public opinion polling in Argentina