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About the Polar Institute

As the polar regions become more important socially, politically, economically, and environmentally, the Polar Institute addresses the practical questions and policy challenges facing the United States, Alaska, and citizens of the North. Current topics of priority include: shipping, port development, and infrastructure; environmental security; icebreakers and maritime capabilities; economic development; Arctic and Antarctic governance; telecommunications; domain awareness and national security; Alaska's role as America's Arctic state, and its unique needs, challenges, and opportunities; public understanding of, and appreciation for, the importance of the polar regions to our global environment, and; the Arctic-Asia-Pacific Rim nexus. The Polar Institute addresses these issues through workshops, public events, policy forums, position papers, and other deliverables—leveraging community, domestic, and international partners to create a platform for in-depth, holistic analysis of the polar regions.

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Polar Institute Co-Chairs

The Polar Institute's strategic direction benefits from the leadership and guidance of its two co-chairs: Ms. Alice Rogoff and The Honorable Mead Treadwell.

Polar Institute Corporate Circle

The programs and publications undertaken by the Polar Institute during its formative stages have been made possible through the support of the Olgoonik Corporation.

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