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About the Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition

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A Global Challenge

In recent years, authoritarian regimes have sought to tilt global norms in their favor, spurring a new era of strategic competition. A peaceful, stable world order and economic progress require sustained, coordinated deterrence of these rivals by the US and its allies, balanced with collaboration around shared interests.

To effectively engage in strategic competition, the US and its allies must align their actions. Coordination and collaboration across and amongst US government agencies and departments to implement these strategies are critical to success.

Vision and Goal

To tackle these challenges, the Wilson Center established the Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition (WISC) to shape conversations and inspire meaningful action to strengthen the technological, economic and infrastructure underpinnings required for America and its allies to deter aggression and secure the rules-based order. Even as nations who cooperate on global matters vigorously compete economically, it is vital that they do so in a manner that respects the international rules-based system to preserve peace and prosperity for all peoples. The Wahba Institute’s core constituencies include Members of Congress and senior staffers, the current administration, government agencies, the private sector, and academia.

The Wahba Institute for Strategic Competition will serve as a hub on both topical and regional research, from infrastructure, trade, and energy to longstanding alliances such as the G-7 and the Quad—as well as newer US partners.

Key areas of focus include the following:

  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Shock-Free Energy Transition

By focusing on how to strengthen and capitalize on America’s many advantages alongside allies and partners, WISC seeks to help chart the path to peace and prosperity.