The Woodrow Wilson Center's China Environment Forum and the Breakthrough Technologies Institute received a grant from the Blue Moon Fund to promote dialogues and exchanges between U.S. and Taiwanese government, research, and nongovernmental organization communities on fuel cells, hydrogen, and other emerging technologies (and supporting policies) that offer health-related air quality benefits and reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses. The first phase of this project entails bringing a team of Taiwanese government officials to attend a hydrogen conference in California in August 2004 and commissioning a white paper on the potential of public-private partnerships on fuel cells and hydrogen in Taiwan. Phase two of this project is still being designed, but will include more Taiwan-U.S. exchanges covering a broader range of energy topics—such as fuel cells scooter commercialization, hydrogen development, and global warming.

Past CEF activities with Taiwanese environmentalists include:

  • Green NGO and Environmental Journalist Forum—bilingual proceedings of a meeting of environmentalists from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

  • Hazardous Waste Challenges in Greater China (26 June 2002 CEF meeting summary)

  • Green NGOs and Environmental Journalism in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan (CEF meeting summaries—6 & 8 December 2000)

  • Environmental Nongovernmental Organizations in Mainland China and Taiwan (13 May 2000 CEF meeting summary)

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