I have a bit of news to share. After 15 years at the Wilson Center, I will be moving back to my home town of Athens, Ohio, this fall to become a professor at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs where I will serve as director of environmental studies and work in their campus-wide Consortium on Energy, Economics, and the Environment.

I am very pleased that I will continue working as a senior advisor to the Environmental Change and Security Program, as both the university and the Wilson Center are eager for me to stay connected on current projects and foster new collaborations. This new role will certainly evolve over time and I look forward to continuing to work with all of you from this different perch.

It is enormously difficult for me to leave my dream job at the Wilson Center. I am proud of ECPS’s accomplishments bringing together scholar and policy communities for practical purposes.

I will miss working day-to-day in Washington. However, the same basket of issues will remain at the center of my research, teaching, and project work at the Voinovich School, where I can now draw on the diverse resources of a large university.

I will be in Washington often and anticipate many opportunities for us to continue to collaborate through the Wilson Center and Ohio University. I’ll also continue being involved with ECSP’s work on the nexus of environment, demography, development, and security. At the Wilson Center, I’m thrilled to know that colleague Blair A. Ruble will be moving over from the Kennan Institute to assume leadership of a new cross-program initiative on global resilience and sustainability that will oversee and link the existing efforts of ECSP, the Global Health Initiative, the Comparative Urban Studies Project, and the China Environment Forum.

Stay tuned to New Security Beat and ECSP for more on these changes. This is a bittersweet move, but one that I think will lead to even greater things for all involved as we move forward.