CEF's Director Dr. Jennifer Turner was quoted in an article on water pollution and protests in China. The article, titled "China's Dirty Water Leads to Protests, Some Reform", discussed how water pollution serves as a catalyst for both protest and potential reform.

Dr. Turner said these protests can be seen in a positive light because they show how Chinese citizens are becoming aware that water pollution is getting worse and that they have a right to clean water.

"I think that water is a very emotional topic for people. It could actually be one where we're going to see a lot of progress in terms of pushing political change in China, — from strengthening laws to giving citizens more voice to greater political space for Chinese NGOs to work on water issues," said Dr. Turner.

According to the article, although how much momentum China's nascent environmental movement has built is not completely clear, the frequent water pollution accidents in China in recent years have prompted social responses that the government considers threatening to social stability. Government officials are now cautiously amending China's environmental laws.

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