Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire Press Release, June 25, 2012

The Rockefeller Foundation specifically cited Circle of Blue’s Choke Point: U.S. and Choke Point: China projects for helping the world to better understand and respond to the global confrontation between rising demand for energy and shrinking reserves of fresh water. “Their reports on the ‘choke points’ in the water supply of the United States and China are informing the global conversation on the issue and inspiring action,” said the foundation.

“I can think of few organizations more worthy of this prestigious award than Circle of Blue," said Jane Harman, president, director and CEO of the Wilson Center in Washington. "The Wilson Center’s partnership with Circle of Blue on environmental issues, particularly the nexus of water and energy in China and other critical countries, has been a huge and proven success. The combining of journalism, science, data, design, and convening power is an innovative model that works.”