At the Canada Institute, we believe that supporting the research interests of our interns is integral to their development as future leaders. During their term in Washington, our interns support the research and programming efforts of the Institute, but we also encourage them to conduct research on topics of interest to them. By the time they head back to school, we want each one to leave with an independent publication of their own that we publish on our website and share with our mailing list.

Emile Fortier, a political science undergraduate at the University of Alberta, investigated at a loophole in the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement that has encouraged migrants to walk illegally into Canada from the United States before requesting asylum. Fortier highlights current Canadian government rhetoric, as well public perceptions, and historical precedents to argue that Canada should develop a proactive approach to dealing with the expected sustained surge in illegal border crossers resulting from the Trump administration's hardline approach to immigration. Click here to read Fortier's full paper, "Reopening the Safe Third Country Dialogue: Rhetoric, Perceptions, and Precedents".

Sabrina Grand takes a look at an innovative U.S. education program called "P-Tech" which offers high school students a chance to earn a no-cost college degree in a science or technology related discipline as they pursue their grade 12 diploma. Grand assesses P-Tech in the context of a growing skills gap in Canada and investigates whether the "P-Tech" could be modified to improve the education and employment outcomes for first nations living on reserves. Grand will commence an MSc program at Western's Ivey Business School in 2018, click here to read her full paper, "Canada's STEM Skills Crisis: Can P-TECH Education Bridge the Gap". 

Our students’ ideas are fresh and thought provoking, and although they have left their post as interns, we’re sure you’re going to hear from them again. We want the Canada Institute to serve as a stepping stone to help our interns become prominent professionals in their fields.

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