, a business website in China, reported one of China Water-Energy Team's exchange in Beijing, with a thought-provoking title: "The other side of shale gas."

The article mentions CEF Director Jennifer Turner's question during the Beijing Energy & Environment Roundtable (BEER): "Rather than asking the old question about CO2 emission, we need to ask some new questions: How is China's energy development impacting water resources? What's the relationship between water and energy and how to manage that relationship?"

"The reality in China is that 70 percent of primary energy consumption is still fuelled by coal. One out of every five gallons of water in China is consumed by coal. Moreover, water is abundant in the south, coal, however, is rich in the north. The special imbalance of resource allocation intensifies the energy-water choke point,” the article says.

The author also mentions Keith Schneider from Circle of Blue and his insight on how China should learn from the shale gas development in the United States.

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