How has Egypt fared since the military’s removal of President Morsi? Has the situation stabilized and is the nation on a path toward meaningful and lasting democratic reforms? Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, a nephew of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and Sameh Fawzy, who was appointed to Egypt’s Shura Council by former President Morsi, provide context.

Mohamed Anwar Ahmed Esmat El Sadat is the Chairman and founder of the Reform and Development Party. Mr. El Sadat has served in the People’s Assembly as the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee, a member of the Economics Committee, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, and a representative of the Al-Menoufia governorate.

Sameh Fawzy Henien Abdelmalak served as a representative of the Coptic Church on the Shura Council. He was one of the 90 people appointed by former President Mohammed Morsi. Dr. Abdelmalak resigned from the Shura Council on 28 June 2013. Dr. Abdelmalak is a political researcher and professional writer for a number of newspapers on the issues of democracy, human rights, citizenship and inter-religious relationships. He currently serves as the director of Centre for Development Studies, Bibliotheca Alexandrina.