In July 2009, the Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity, with financial support from the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund via the United Nations Development Programme in Liberia, launched an 18-month training program to foster collaborative decision-making and negotiation skills among key Liberian leadership. The objective of this program was to build a network of Liberian leaders from across the political, functional, regional and societal spectrum that would work towards a shared vision and commitment for the country through collaborative, rather than competitive, means in order to manage the recovery, governance, and development of Liberia. 

As a capacity-building initiative, the program is designed to strengthen relations and cooperation among participants of differing backgrounds, and to enhance their conflict management, communication, and negotiation skills.  The skills and toolsets developed in the workshops enable Liberian decision-makers to work together within the structures of the state and in harmony with civil society to strengthen state capacity for peace consolidation. Target participants for the project included Executive and Legislative branch leadership, opposition political party leaders, and County Superintendents. In all, 90 Liberians from a broad political, ethnic, regional and sociological spectrum were involved.