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Fuerza y Corazón por México - Explainer

Aldrin Ballesteros

Despite their previous rivalries, Mexico’s three oldest parties have united once again in the hopes of defeating Morena and the Juntos Hacemos Historia coalition at the polls. Founded in November 2023, the Fuerza y Corazón por México (Strength and Heart for Mexico) is a political alliance between the PANPRD, and PRI. The coalition’s predecessor was the Frente Amplio por México (Broad Front for Mexico), which was established in June 2023 for Mexico's midterm elections. The coalition was preceded by the Va por México (Go for Mexico) coalition which was established in 2020 and competed in the 2021 elections, ultimately winning 39.61% of the seats (199 in total) in the Chamber of Deputies and one governorship (Chihuahua).  Though the coalition came as a surprise in the 2021 elections, given that the left-leaning PRD and conservative PAN were both born in opposition to PRI’s monopoly of power before 2000, the coalition’s electoral success motivated its revival for the 2024 elections, most notably, for the presidential election. PAN Senator Xóchitl Gálvez, will represent this coalition as the 2024 presidential candidate. 

In the state elections, the coalition will be joined by various local parties. 

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Aldrin Ballesteros

Aldrin Ballesteros

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