As the United States and NATO prepare to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan in 2014, the question remains as to what sort of political settlement the Afghanistan government and the Taliban can reach in order to achieve sustainable peace. If all parties are willing to strike a deal, how might the negotiations be structured, and what might the shape of that deal be? Getting It Right in Afghanistan addresses the real drivers of the insurgency and how Afghanistan's neighbors can contribute to peace in the region.

In a chapter co-written by Global Fellow Huma Yusuf, "Pakistan, the United States, and the Endgame in Afghanistan", written with Moeed Yusuf and Salman Zaidi, the authors analyse the views of Pakistan's foreign policy elite (including government officials, retired army officers, journalists, civil society activists and analysts) regarding Pakistan's role in the endgame in Afghanistan. The chapter highlights the complex relationships between the United States, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Islamabad's concerns about the impact of US counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan on Pakistan's internal security balance.

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