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21:22February 16, 2024

Improving Future Ocean Governance – Governance of Global Goods in an Age of Global Shifts

Alf Håkon Hoel

A report about ocean governance.

This policy paper provides recommendations as to how G20 states can:

  • consolidate their own capacity and assist non-G20 states in taking responsibility for strengthening marine science and implementation of existing regulatory frameworks,
  • exercise innovative global and regional leadership to address emerging opportunities and associated governance challenges and
  • facilitate the meaningful involvement of the private sector and the public in ensuring a collective governance order around oceans.

About the Author

Alf Håkon Hoel

Alf Håkon Hoel

Global Fellow, Polar Institute;
Professor of Ocean Law and Policy, College of Fisheries Science, University of Tromsø - the Arctic University of Norway; Adjunct Professor, Institute of Marine Research
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