This page outlines the work of Foresight and Governance interns and their research regarding the future. The interns' extensive and thorough research culminates here.

Youth Concern for the Future: A Survey

America's Millennial Generation (ages 18-25) is primarily concerned with personal issues, the environment, and future career. We surveyed more than 120 people in our quest to document their concerns.

Read the survey results and the category explanations.

There has been some discrepancy as to when the Millennial Generation begins. Some experts say that Generation Millennia consists of those born between 1982 and the present. Others say it is people between the ages of 18 and 25. We employed the latter definition. It should also be noted that the survey was completed by friends, acquaintances, and strangers within reach of the six intern surveyors. It was largely completed by local Washington, D.C. residents, other interns, and tourists. Thus, it is not necessarily representative of the entire youth population...but it's close.

The Documentary

Based on these results, the Millennial voice was eternalized on this 15 minute video titled "The Next Decade: Millennials Rising." The research and filming took place during the summer of 2001.

Hear what the rising generation had to say.

Links for the Future

There are many other relevant discussions of the Millennial Generation that can be found on the web.

Here are a few:

Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation
This website is for and about America's rising generation. Hosted by the authors Neil Howe and William Strauss, this site provides a serious discussion forum on Millennial issues. A decade ago, in Generations, Strauss and Howe predicted many of the youth trends America is witnessing today. Now, in Millennials Rising, the authors show how today's teens are beginning to recast their image from downbeat and alienated to upbeat and engaged.

Milliennial Politics
This website provides a place where young people can discuss issues, learn what others are doing, and get involved. Here the Millennial generation can become better informed activists, thus better educated citizens. Through discussion forums, web visitors can voice opinions and engage in active dialogue with other youth. If today's youth sit back and say nothing, what does that say about us the Millennial generation? What does that say about our country's future?

The TimePage
This website provides an examination of cycles in United States history that correspond with 4 distinct generational types. This cycle repeats itself every four generations (80 to 90 years) or so. Each of these four generations has a distinct personality type which is an amalgam of all of its members, molded by a shared set of experiences during youth, and reflects a world view of the group as a whole.

Intern Research

Interns at the Woodrow Wilson Center are also engaging in independent research to examine future issues and challenges to society and governance. Present topics include the future of television, the trends and social implications of hate crimes, the legal and social challenges of increasing multiculturalism, the influence of the transnational corporation, and the possible impact of the Internet on the development of China. The results of these projects will be posted here as they become available.

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