Iran's nuclear program continues to progress and with it grows the likelhood that the Islamic Republic will soon have the technology in place to build a nuclear weapon. Many view the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran as unacceptable and have suggested that military strikes to prevent that from happening are an option. Others believe that it's too soon to give up on diplomacy and there is also disagreement over how significant a threat a nuclear Iran would pose. While many Americans see Iran as a primary threat, some of our Eurpoean allies are less convinced. To learn more about that perspective, we spoke with a key negotiator representing the European Parliament. Tarja Cronberg serves as Chair of the European Parliament's delegation for relations with Iran. Previously, she served as Finland's Minister of Labour. She was also a Member of the Finnish Parliament (2003–2007), representing the Green League. She was elected as the chairperson of her party in 2005 and remained in that position until 2009.