He Saw Libya Through the Transition

"He represented the very best of American diplomacy. He knew the streets, not just the elites. He had an infectious enthusiasm about the extraordinary history playing out across the Middle East, which he witnessed up close," said Distinguished Scholar Robin Wright on her friend of 25 years, Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

Distinguished Scholar Robin Wright spoke with Wolf Blitzer on CNN


Robin Wright on NPR Morning Edition

Robin Wright speaks to Steve Inskeep on NPR's Morning Edition. Read the transcript or listen to the interview.

Robin Wright on Fox News Happening Now

"This is a real loss for the United States because he was such a caring diplomat. He knew the streets as well as the elites. He spoke the language and understood the culture," said Robin Wright on Fox News Happening Now.

Aaron David Miller on KQED Radio

"We worked together briefly when he was at the consulate in Jerusalem. And I think above all, above anything that's been said this morning -- a terrific man, an outstanding diplomat, and a profound loss."