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JBS Falls Victim to Cyberattack

Meg King

Statement from Meg King, Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Program

"If the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack didn't impact enough consumers to spur response by the international community, the JBS meat supplier incident likely will.  Now is the time for a global agreement to break the business model of ransomware.  This will keep happening - at great cost to life and treasure - if we don't identify and stop the biggest actors, gain better early warning, and help companies improve their cybersecurity."

"Ransomware makes cyber threats personal, and this attack affects multiple countries with ripple effects.  Reports suggest that 1/5th of US beef capacity will be wiped out by this attack and the timing of what appears to be a second major ransomware attack on another critical supply during a global pandemic that is still raging in many parts of the world (including Brazil) means that citizens will demand action from their governments.  Australia is already calling to 'bring those responsible to account.'"

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Meg King

Meg King

Former Director of the Science and Technology Innovation Program; Tech Labs Founder
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