We are pleased to share with you a list of media outlets in which Latin American Program staff members have been featured recently.

Cynthia J. Arnson was quoted in the Washington Post on Colombia’s government actions towards the victims of violence due to the armed conflict in the country. Her commentaries on Chavez's health and the political implications were quoted in Los Angeles Times. On July 14th 2011, she held a conversation with Arturo Valenzuela on “Opportunities and Challenges in the Western Hemishpere”, this conversation was quoted in TMC Net and El Nacional. Before the Guatemalan elections, Dr. Arnson was quoted in the New York Times on Guatemalans’ preference towards the military in the elections and comparing the situation to Colombia 2001-2002. Further discussing the issue, she was also quoted in elPeriodico, The New York Times, and World Politics Review. Regarding the Nicaraguan elections, she was quoted in El Nuevo Herald,and Atlanta Journal Constitution . Following the election of Otto Perez Molina in Guatemala, she was quoted in the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, TIME, International Business Times, and TIME Magazine World. Recently, she was quoted in AFP on the creation of CELAC in Latin America. Also, she was quoted in The Daily Beast commenting on Venezuela's role on Iran's entry in Latin America. 

Cynthia Arnson wrote an article for the publication América Latina y el Caribe: ¿Integrados o Marginados?, on U.S.-Latin American relations. On the same issue, she published another article for the Foreign Service Journal

Robert Donnelly commented on Obama's border speech on the Mexico Institute's blog. He was also featured in an article on The Reading Eagle after his presentation on U.S.-Mexico ties to a group of students and members of the World Affairs Council of Greater Reading. 

Eric Olson was quoted in the Wall Street Journal, C-SPANThe New York TimesCNN, and The Star-Ledger on narco-related violence issuesOn the topic of gun trafficking, Olson was quoted on the San Francisco ChronicleThe Christian Science Monitor, The Houston Chronicle, and Arizona Daily Star. He was also quoted in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times on the recent capture of cartel leaders.  His opinion on Mexico’s police corruption was quoted in The Wall Street Journal. On U.S.-Mexico relations, Olson was quoted in The Texas Tribune, and The New York Times on the issue of how Mexico is dealing with the crime wave, and once more in The New York Times on the U.S. role in the Mexican fight against drugs. He was quoted in PBS Newshour on the accessibility of cheap drugs in the U.S.  On the drug war and the consequential violence, he has been quoted in Alert Net and interviewed on the Kojo Nnamdi show (transcript can be found here). Olson was also quoted in The Wall Street Journal and McClatchy commenting on the recent emergence of paramilitary groups or “vigilantes” in Mexico. He was quoted in Reuters on fear of violence spreading into Guatemala. On Rick Perry and the drug war, he was quoted in CNN Mexico, The Texas Tribune, and CNN. Quotes on U.S. agents infiltrating drug cartels across Mexico can be found in The New York Times, Excelsior, The Take Away and on more U.S. Cooperation with mexico he was quoted in The News, San Diego Union Tribune and Univision. He was quoted in The New York Times on the consequences of the death of an important public official in a helicopter crash. 

Andrew Selee was quoted in CNN and Latino Fox News on Obama's speech on immigration. He was quoted on U.S.-Mexico security cooperation in The Will and the Wallet, National Journal, The Houston Chronicle, The Washington Post, and the Financial Times. The Associated Press quoted him on the presence of the U.S. National Guard on the border and in The Dallas Morning News commenting on Perry’s suggestion of deploying U.S. troops to Mexico and on El Seminario, on the subject of arms trafficking from the U.S. On migration issues he was quoted in Fox News Latino, El Imparcial and on CNN discussing the arrest of undocumented immigrants, deportations and Central Americans migrating through Mexico. He was also quoted in The Associated Press regarding U.S. border security. In reference to the 29th annual Border Governors Conference, Selee was quoted on the San Diego Tribune, The Guardian, The New York Times and El Paso TimesThe Associated Press and The Wall Street Journal quoted him on the apprehension of a Mexican public official involved in Organized Crime and in CNN on the case of another public official fighting corruption. His comments on the apointment of Tony Wayne as new ambassador to Mexico were quoted in La Opinion, Noticieros Televisa, The Washington Post and The Seattle Times. On the issue of drug cartels and the stand of the war on drugs, he was quoted in Foreign Policy, Fox News Latino, and The Associated Press. Also, NPR conducted an interview with him and Maria Hinojosa on the state of the war on drugs. He was quoted in The Associated Press comenting on the labeling of Mexico’s drug traffickers as terrorists. Selee participated in a hearing with Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations House Committee on Foreign Affairs  speaking about the international exploitation of Drug Wars. On the 2012 elections, Selee was quoted in CNN Mexico  about posible scenarios for the political parties and on the role of the U.S. ambassador to Mexico in the next elections. Recently he was quoted in Bloomberg in regards of the helicopter crash in Mexico and in the San Diego Union Tribune about the risky job of a journalist covering the war on drugs.

Andrew Selee published an article in The Dallas Morning News about drug cartel violence in Mexico. 

Paulo Sotero was quoted on China’s interest in Brazilian farmland in The New York Times. Further discussing economic issues in Brazil, he was quoted in Embassy on the economic collaboration of Brazil with neighboring Latin American countries, in Oggi regarding the Brazilian economy, and was interviewed in NRN24Horas on the Brazilian economy surpassing that of England. He was quoted by NPR on Brazil’s oil industry and on the Financial Times commenting on the use of biofuels. On the race issue, Sotero was quoted in CNN talking about minorities in Brazil and CNN en Español on Brazil’s racial identity. He was quoted in ANJ on Judicial Reform in Brazil. He was also quoted on Brazil’s corruption issues and Dilma Rousseff’s initiatives to clean the house on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker  and The Washington Post. Paulo Sotero was interviewed by Jorge Gestoso in TeleSUR about BRIC.

Paulo Sotero has also published various articles on U.S. – Brazil relations; Feitos um para o outro? in Exame talks about the relation of both countries over the last few years. On Diplomacia de encontrão, an article published on Estadao, Sotero comments on U.S. diplomatic relations with Brazil. He provided insightful commentaries on Obama’s visit to Brazil on Estadao and on the U.S. economic déficit and war on terror in Estadao as well. On other Brazil International Relations Issues, Sotero published an article on Estadao on the relationship between Brazil and Turkey. He published and article in Stanley Foundation about the G-20 meeting in 2011. 

Christopher Wilson was quoted in both Poder and  Reforma on issues regarding border violence, particularly the lack of violence on the US side. His most recent publication on U.S.-Meixco Economic relations was featured in a Council of Foreign Relations atrticle. 

The Latin American Program was mentioned on an article in The Bahamas Weekly about an event hosted at the Wilson Center with the Organization of Americas States on Organized Crime and Citizen Security. 

The Mexico Institute events have been the spotlight of some news articles regarding the drug war and U.S.-Mexico Relations. They were quoted in Global Issues on the subject of Narco Wars, on U.S.-Mexico relations in El Economista, Miami Herald, La PrensaEl Paso Times, and IPS. A Mexican journalist that participated in one of The Mexico Institute’s event was featured in Talk Radio News Service. The Institute was also recognized by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico for its contribution on better understanding of U.S.-Mexico relations, during a meeting the Institute’s board of directors. Enrique Krauze, from the Board of Directors, published an article on The New York Times about a Poet’s civil society initiative in Mexico and Manuel Tamez, another board member, organized a live webcast with the President of Mexico called “Preguntale al Presedente”. On the elections issue, the Institute was quoted in TIME on the possible return of the PRI to the presidency. The Institute’s sponsorship of a scholarship program in honor of Garza Lagüera, was featured in El Norte

Scott Wallace, former scholar of the Latin American Program, published a book that was launched at the Wilson Center in collaboration with the Brazil Institute, entitled The Unconquered: In Search of the Amazon’s Last Uncontacted Tribes. The New York Times  published a book review on its Sunday publication this month of December.