Along with business interest, there is the U.S. foreign aid agency the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) dangling $270 million in funds to El Salvador. The allocation of that sum has already been approved, but still needs to be signed and any fluctuations in U.S.-Salvadoran relations could throw that aid in jeopardy.

The real question is whether there are some elements of the FMLN who want to take a symbolic jab at the U.S.,” said Cynthia Arnson, the director of the Latin American program at Washington D.C.’s Woodrow Wilson Center. “It would be an incredibly foolish move that would be the death nail to the aid package.”


In this article about possible changes in U.S. relations with El Salvador due to the recent election, Latin American Program Director Cynthia J. Arnson talks about how changes could affect U.S. aid to El Salvador. She also comments on El Salvador's issue with organized crime, especially in relation to other countries similarily affected by the issue.


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