Earl Anthony Wayne, Advisory Board Co-Chair, Mexico Institute; Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico 

"With the exit polls giving Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) a big win in the Presidential election Sunday evening, key will be the size of victory for his party and allies in congressional elections and gubernatorial races.  Also key tonight (Sunday) will be the messages to the nation in AMLO's statements.

Note that President Trump tweeted a congratulations to AMLO.  His victory is an opening for a new, more positive tone in Mexico-U.S. exchanges."

Christopher Wilson, Deputy Director, Mexico Institute

"Speaking with Mexican voters today, I found a mix of sentiment regarding Andrés Manuel López Obrador, even among those voting for him. Many are confident that he will bring change to Mexico, cleaning up corruption and putting the poor first. Others expressed significant reservations about AMLO but were simply unwilling to support any of the other candidates. In sum, it’s a mix of true believers and massive frustration with the political class that seems poised to propel Andrés Manuel to the presidency."

Eric Olson, Senior Advisor for Security, Mexico Institute

"Mexicans headed to the polls today with some big issues to decide. Polls suggest that they are in a “throw the bums out” frame of mind. Record homicide rates, massive corruption scandals, and continued economic anxiety has led many to cast this election as a rejection of traditional politicians and their parties, and vote for a different direction for the country no matter how vaguely that path is defined. “Estamos hartos,” “we are fed up,” is a refrain often heard from common Mexicans who may not love AMLO but have had it with politics as usual where the public treasury is treated more like a piñata than something to be carefully administered.  Of course others do have faith in AMLO and believe the country is finally about to embark on a path that puts Mexico’s majority first and reaffirms Mexico’s ideals.  

As important as elections are in a democracy, democracy is much more. If citizen demands for greater transparency in government, greater accountability, less corruption and violence are to be met then whoever wins today has to get serious about building democratic institutions or they will face the same fate in six years." 

Christopher Wilson, Deputy Director, Mexico Institute

"The Mexican voting system, with polling places run by citizens and the votes counted by citizens in the open air for all to witness, is a stronghold of egalitarianism in a still-fledgling democracy. There were some problems with polling places opening late and a handful of more serious challenges across the country, but by and large electoral process has been unfolding in a peaceful, orderly and fair manner." 


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