Eric Olson the Mexico Program Director at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Affairs in Washington DC, believes that we should not jump to conclusions. According to Olson, numbers have dwindled due to the ongoing holiday season in Mexico. “Participation will dwindle with events as it’s hard to keep momentum going,” Wilson told Univision News. “An event after the court’s response on the election [slated for September 6] should portray a more accurate snapshot of the [anti-fraud] movement’s support.”

Political analyst Hector Faya disagrees with Olson. Faya is a politics professor at Mexico City’s Iberoamericana University who is not affiliated to any of Mexico’s parties. He says that these lowering numbers can be attributed to changes within the YoSoy 132 movement that have alienated some Mexican citizens. “There has been a fundamental change in the movement’s mission, allegiances, and means…they bring to mind old days of intolerance and 2006’s radicalism…polls have shown people do not agree with radical social movements,” Faya said.

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