Reuters, March 27, 2012


In what seems to be a conversation between Josefina Vazquez Mota and a campaign official, she blames members of President Felipe Calderon's cabinet for taping her calls, fueling talk of divisions in her party's faltering bid to retain the presidency.

Calderon's conservative National Action Party (PAN) on Tuesday said the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) was behind the tape after the campaign official, Agustin Torres, filed an official complaint about it late on Monday...

...But rather than address the conversation itself, the PAN tried to turn the spotlight onto illegal wire tapping, which it says is an old PRI trick used against political rivals...

..."There was a fair amount of political espionage during the period of one party domination, and it was used as a way to undermine and control the party's enemies,"

said Eric Olsen at Mexico expert at Washington's Woodrow Wilson center.


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