CEF presents three new China Environmental Health Project Research Briefs as U.S. and China embarks upon a new era of bilateral cooperation on climate change. All three research briefs are centered on energy issues in China.

The first brief, titled Wising Up: Smart Grid as New Opening for U.S. China Energy Cooperation, by summer intern Kexin Liu, examines the prospects of smart grid being one of the centerpieces of cooperation between U.S. and China, currently the two largest GHG emitters.

The second brief, titled Electric Cars: The Drive for a Sustainable Solution in China by CEF program assistant Peter Marsters, looks at potential environmental as well as economic benefits of the development and promotion of electric vehicles in China.

The the third brief, titled Boomtown Energy Drain: Promoting Energy Efficiency in China's Buildings by CEF research intern Alan Campana, looks at the climate and energy impact of buildings in China and the potential for efficiency improvements.