Person, Place and Policy

The Canada Institute’s Person, Place, and Policy series links policy issues with real people and real communities.

The person in this article is Kieran O’Neill, an energy expert who is helping to shape Sault Ste. Marie’s energy priorities to assert the city as a leader in advanced electrical grid technologies. O’Neill recognizes that Sault Ste. Marie has a truly unique energy landscape: “There are few if any cities in North America that compare to the renewable energy mix of the Sault.” He sees “big opportunities” in a city that “has been very busy adding wind farms, solar PV capability, industrial cogeneration, waste to energy projects and alternative energy manufacturing.”

For the city to take advantage of its existing renewable assets and bolster energy innovation, O’Neill and city stakeholders are setting their sights on advancing “smart” grid technologies. At the same time growth is hampered by infrastructure and cost limitations.

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