NPIHP is pleased to announce the publication of two new Research Updates, These are the most recent joint Fundacao Getulio Vargas-NPIHP publications on various aspects of Brazilian nuclear history.

Today's releases document Brazil's earliest efforts, dating to the late 1960s, to cooperate with Argentina on nuclear issues, as well as South Africa's attempt in the late 1970s to work with Brazil on nuclear technology development. In both instances technical cooperation was derailed by larger, non-nuclear political issues.

Read Brazil South Africa Nuclear Relations, by Carlo Patti, and The First Attempt at Argentine-Brazilian Nuclear Cooperation and the Argentine Response, by Rodrigo Mallea, in the Research Updates section of NPIHP's website.

In the coming weeks, look out for additional NPIHP-FGV Research Updates on a variety of topics, including:

  • Brazilian-Argentine nuclear relations following India's 1974 nuclear test,
  • Brazil's decision to sell uranium to Iraq in-exchange for guaranteed, and discounted oil sales,
  • Brazil's proposal to renounce it's right to conduct Peaceful Nuclear Explosions, and Argentina's response,
  • Nuclear cooperation between Brazil and the PRC,
  • and Brazil's 1975 nuclear technology transfer agreement with West Germany.

Visit the Wilson Center's Digital Archive for more declassified and translated archival documents on Brazil's nuclear history.