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TEDx: Gwen Young on Pathways to Women’s Leadership

June 25, 2018

The Wilson Center’s Women in Public Service Project has filled a crucial empirical gap on the road toward gender parity. In a recent TEDx talk, Director Gwen K. Young described the effort to compile data, extract new insight, and create a tool for promoting equality. That tool is the first global index to measure not only where women are in public service leadership, but the pathways they took and the power they hold.


Gwen K. Young

Gwen K. Young

Distinguished Fellow
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Global Women's Leadership Initiative

The Global Women’s Leadership Initiative has hosted the Women in Public Service Project at the Wilson Center since June, 2012. The Women in Public Service Project will accelerate global progress towards women’s equal participation in policy and political leadership to create more dynamic and inclusive institutions that leverage the full potential of the world’s population to change the way global solutions are forged.  Read more