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In February of 2019, India and Pakistan had their most serious confrontation in nearly twenty years.  Asia Program Deputy Director Michael Kugelman provided historical context and analysis in the days surrounding the crisis.


India-Pakistan and the Threat of War (Wilson Center NOW):

Pakistan has limited means to respond to India bombing (DW)

India-Pakistan Hear Global Please to De-Escalate Tensions (Bloomberg Daybreak)

Pakistan to Release IAF Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman: What Next? (The Quint)

Pak-India Escalation (Scope with Waqar Rizvi/Indus News)


The India-Pakistan Crisis: What Next? (Ground Truth Briefing)

India-Pakistan Conflicts Ratche Up Tensions in an Already Volatile Region (Spectrum/NPR)

A Crisis in Kashmir Threatens War Between India and Pakistan (Global Dispatches/UN Dispatch)


The Next India-Pakistan Crisis Will be Worse (The National Interest)

We Should Have Seen This India-Pakistan Crisis Coming (Foreign Policy)

India, Pakistan, and the remote but real threat of nuclear war (DW)

Additional Commentary:

Can IAF strike end Pakistan's '1000-cuts' strategy to bleed India or does it risk a war? (The Print)

'A single strike like the one in Balakot will not succeed in dislodging deeply entrenched Pakistani calculations' (The Times of India)

Domestic pressures blunt hopes of India-Pakistan de-escalation (Financial Times)

Imran Khan wins praise over captured pilot's release (The Express Tribune)

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Pakistan, India down rival jets as Kashmir crisis escalates (France 24)

How tensions between India and Pakistan reached historic highs (CBC)

The India-Pakistan crisis in Kashmir: What we know, what we don't and what might happen next (The Japan Times)

The recent spike in tensions between India and Pakistan, explained (Vox)

Pakistan says it shot down India's warplanes and warns mistakes could lead to war (Los Angeles Times)

Can nuclear-armed Pakistan and India step back from the brink? (NBC News)

Risk of India-Pakistan War May Hang on the Fate of Downed Pilot (Bloomberg)

With India tensions simmering, is Imran Khan ready for his first big political test as Pakistan's Prime Minister? (CNN)

Modi Takes 'Muscular' Path on Pakistan as Clamor for Proof Grows (Bloomberg)

Between Doka La standoff and Balakot strikes, here's how India lost th eplot in its communicaiton strategy (Firstpost)


Michael Kugelman

Michael Kugelman

Director, South Asia Institute
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