The Wilson Center, in partnership with the Europa Institute at the University of Zurich (EIZ), is pleased to announce the launch of a Short-Term Research Fellowship Program geared towards academics in the humanities and social science, who currently reside in Switzerland. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to spend four months at the Wilson Center conducting independent, advanced research.


The competition is open to scholars currently residing in Switzerland (Swiss, as well as other nationals are encouraged to apply). Applications will be accepted from individuals in Higher Education Institutions or individual researchers. The targeted fields of study are: history, political science, international relations, public policy, government and law.

Applicants should hold the final degree in their field (Ph.D./Dr.), or be in the final stages of completing their degree (dissertation phase for those without a Ph.D./Dr.). Preference will be given to applicants who have published a book, or have written articles for academic journals.

Prospective scholars must hold a valid passport and be able to obtain a J-1 visa. Applicants must be fluent in both written and spoken English.

Benefits and Responsibilities:

This is a residential scholarship program. The EIZ, through an agreement of administrative logistic support with the Wilson Center, will provide a 5,200 USD per month stipend, broken down as follows: housing, room & board allowance, round trip airfare, and health insurance. The stipend will be awarded through a contract signed between the EIZ and the successful applicants. The Center will offer a library carrel space available 24 hours a day, and a Windows-based personal computer. The Center's Library provides access to digital resources, its book and journal collections, and to the Library of Congress, university and special libraries in the Washington metropolitan area, and other research facilities.

White at the Center, the scholars will be expected to pursue full-time independent research and writing based on the topic outlined in their proposal, submitted at the time of application. They will also have an opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences organized by the Center, as well as contribute to the intellectual life of the Center, and the larger Washington, D.C. scholarly community.

Although scholars are responsible for locating their own housing in the Washington, D.C. area, the Center provides housing suggestions to help facilitate the search process.

Deadlines for 2014:

  • 7th April - deadline for submitting applications to the EIZ.
  • 16th April - preliminary selection phase at the EIZ.
  • 14th May - final selection by the representatives of the Center.
  • 1st September - start of the Short-term Research Fellowship Program.

Application Requirements & Guidelines:

  1. A cover letter outlining motivation and desired dates for the appointment at the Wilson Center.
  2. A professional resume.
  3. A brief description of the proposed research project, its scholarly contribution, and its relevance in relation to contemporary issues. The project proposal should not be longer than five pages double-spaced. Project descriptions should include:
  • a detailed explanation of the research topic
  • a discussion of the project's originality
  • discussion of the methods, approaches, sources, and materials to be used, and, where appropriate, the importance of the Washington-area resources
  • discussion of the significance of the project, as well as its policy relevance
  • future research plans following the residence at the Wilson Center

Selection Criteria:

  1. significance of the proposed research, including the importance and originality of the project
  2. academic achievements of the applicant
  3. relevance of the project to contemporary policy issues pertaining to:
  • Swiss and Euro-Atlantic relations
  • Europe's impact (political, economic, historical, legal, cultural, scientific) in the field of international affairs, and its role in the global arena

A panel of experts selected by the EIZ will review all the applications and make recommendations for appointment to the Center. The representatives of the Center, in collaboration with the EIZ, will make the final selection.


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Europa Institute at the University of Zurich

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