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Women & Gender

By building on and coordinating its strong regional and thematic programming, the Wilson Center's work on Women & Gender brings together experts from around the world to tackle some of the globe’s most pressing issues—particularly as they impact women and girls and gender more broadly. Wilson Center programs address issues of growth in gender equality, like the global increase in and recognition of women as decision-makers, political leaders, and peacebuilders, as well as the growing recognition of the connections between maternal and child health, girls’ education, and women’s rights to the stability of nations. We also look to the persistently challenging issues of gender-based violence, the COVID-19 pandemic’s lasting effects on women’s health, workforce participation, and caregiving burden, as well as how conflict and climate change have led to increased displacement and forced migration and how they directly affect women and children. Wilson Center programs work at the intersection of issues to provide insight and analysis on areas related to women, gender, and power in a global context and we focus on the importance of gender equity when we evaluate the role of gender across disciplines in foreign policy, security, and development.  

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Accessing Justice: Femicide and the Rule of Law in Latin America

The Wilson Center's project Accessing Justice: Femicide and the Rule of Law in Latin America, examines gender-based violence in Latin America with a focus on its most extreme form, femicide—the killing of a woman due to her gender—through a rule of law perspective. When and why are laws insufficient to protect women, and how can we reduce and eliminate barriers to implementation?

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