The Spring 2017 issue of the Harvard International Review magazine features an article written by the Asia Program's senior associate for Northeast Asia, Shihoko Goto.

"The Rocky Way Ahead: South Korea's Position in Asia" looks at the political crisis in South Korea with the impeachment of President Park Guen-Hye and how that crisis is affecting the country's relationships with Japan, China, and the United States.  

"South Korea will be at a serious disadvantage on the global stage, as its political energy will inevitably be focused on internal affairs. Its priorities must first and foremost be reestablishing stability in leadership and restoring public confidence in the government. After all, the current power vacuum has already cost South Korea diplomatically, as Seoul has lost a number of opportunities to assert its position as a key power in Asia."


The issue is currently available to subscribers.  More information on the Harvard International Review is available at their website.