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Wilson Quarterly Fall 2021 Edition Humanity in Motion: Scenes from the Global Displacement Crisis

Contact: Ryan McKenna
Phone: (202) 691-4217

WASHINGTON – What do the King of Jordan, the President of Colombia, Congressman Henry Cuellar and the Executive Director of UNICEF have in common? They all understand that human displacement is reshaping the world and they are each a contributor to the latest issue of The Wilson Quarterly. More than 82.4 million people worldwide are currently identified as a refugee, asylum seeker or internally displaced. The Fall 2021 issue brings fresh perspectives from world leaders, scientists, scholars, and journalists on the front lines of one of the most critical issues facing global governance and development today.

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“Through this issue we are hoping to show the depth and breadth of the global human migration crisis and advance the conversation beyond the hot-button issues at the U.S.-Mexico border. We have reached a point where generations of children around the world have been displaced for their entire lives, a reality that has profound implications for us all,” says Stephanie Bowen, editor of the Wilson Quarterly. “By highlighting a diversity of voices, geographies and story formats, we hope that policymakers have a more complete understanding of human migration, and can therefore identify more effective solutions to an issue that is only going to get more complex over time.”

In this issue:

Plus, In this issue’s interactive feature, Kayly Ober of Refugees International provides an overview of the human migration crisis, looking at the drivers – conflict and climate – the pathways upon which people embark to find a better future, and what it means to move inside your own country in search of safety and security.

Notes to editors:

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