Le Centre d'Alerte et de Prevention des Conflits (CENAP) in Bujumbura,
Burundi and The North-South Institute (NSI) in Ottawa, Canada are
pleased to announce the publication of two Working Papers on security
sector reform to protect vulnerable populations in Burundi.

The Working Paper, "Security Sector Reform in Burundi: Issues and
Challenges for Improving Civilian Protection," written by Willy
Nindorera for CENAP explores the national-level opportunities and
challenges for sustainable security sector reform in Burundi.

The Working Paper, "Security Sector Reform and the Protection of
Civilians in Burundi: Accomplishments, Dilemmas and Ideas for
International Engagement," written by Kristiana Powell, researcher with
NSI, considers the role of a number of key international actors in
security sector reform in Burundi.

Both papers focus on three areas of security sector reform: police
reform, military transformation and civilian disarmament. They draw on a
400-person national survey conducted for this project, a number of focus
groups and seminars with a range of national and international
stakeholders, including Burundi's national police and military, as well
as over 75 interviews conducted over a 12-month period. We therefore
hope that these papers reflect the concerns and aspirations of a
wide-range of stakeholders, including vulnerable populations. The papers
conclude with a set of preliminary recommendations for national and
international actors. These recommendations will be updated and
consolidated in a policy brief to be published in late 2007.

To access these papers in English, please click:
http://www.nsi-ins.ca/english/research/progress/54.asp or