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On Friday, February 19, 2016, Women in Public Service Project (WPSP) alumna Ms. Violet Akurut Adome, a delegate of  the 2013 Bryn Mawr College Peacebuilding and Development Institute, was elected to the  Katakwi  District woman MP seat in Uganda. Article 78(1) of the country’s Constitution states that the parliament must consist of 1 woman representative for each of the 112 districts in Uganda. Ms. Akurut Adome beat the incumbent, Minister for Education and Sports Hon Jessica Alupo, with 26,091 votes.

The Women in Public Service Project at the Wilson Center is committed to a new global partnership aimed at reaching a minimum of 50 percent of all leadership positions in public service held by women by 2050 (“50 × 50”). The WPSP’s network is distinguished by its unparalleled scope and reach. The WPSP currently engages an ever-growing assembly of emerging leaders and women at the highest levels of decision-making; and an international network of established women scholars, activists, and public servants who have led change in their communities and countries. Ms. Adome is an exceptional example of WPSP leadership.

As a delegate at the Bryn Mawr College Women in Public Service Institute on Peacebuilding and Development, Ms. Adome developed an action plan on social accountability. She outlined a vision to empower citizens and to demand accountability from government officers which demands:

1.       Capacity building of local communities on human rights using rights based approaches.

2.       Capacity building of women leaders on participatory planning and budgeting, budget tracking, and monitoring.

3.       Participation of women leaders at lower levels in community planning and budget conferences.

4.       Mentoring 10 women leaders on leadership and recommending them for capacity building.

5.       Monitoring and evaluation of the project and report to the relevant stakeholders like WPSP, the Uganda Human Rights Commission, and the communities where the actions will take place.

Ms. Adome continued her leadership at the 2015 Women in Public Service Project Uganda Institute, which was organized by a fellow WPSP alumna, Agnes Igoye. At the WPSP Uganda Institute: Leadership for Transparent and Accountable Governance, Ms. Adome spoke on overcoming the gender gap in public service.    

Ms. Adome served previously as a Commissioner to the Uganda Human Rights Commission,  appointed in 2012 after working as a Coordinator at the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET).  A trained social worker, Ms. Adome has served in both public and civil service. She has worked in senior positions for organizations ranging from Transform Uganda, to African Network for Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) to World Vision International—Uganda. In government, Ms. Agome served as a Programme Officer/Ag. Programme Manager in Uganda’s Teso sub-region from 2002 to 2007, and district Gender Officer for Katakwi district. Ms. Adome will now represent Katakwi District and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party in the Ugandan parliament.  The WPSP network continues to demonstrate amazing women on the move. Congratulations Violet.

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