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AfPak File: The First 100 Days: Assessing The Taliban's Diplomacy And Foreign Policy

December 16, 202144:37

In the latest episode of the AfPak File's series reviewing the Taliban's first 100 days in power, we look at how the Taliban has approached diplomacy and foreign policy.

Has it prioritized its relations with other countries, and if so how? What have been its core goals in engagements with other countries? How important has it been for the Taliban to pursue recognition?

These questions and more are discussed by Hosna Jalil, former Afghan deputy minister of women's and interior affairs; Ronald Neumann; president of the American Academy of Diplomacy and a former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan; Omar Samad; senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and former Afghan ambassador to France and Canada; and Michael Kugelman, senior associate for South Asia at the Wilson Center.

Muhammad Tahir of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty moderates the debate.

This podcast originally appeared on RFE/RL.


Muhammad Tahir

Media Manager, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

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