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On November 19, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made a visit to Kabul. The timing was significant: Afghan peace talks are floundering, President Trump has announced the departure of 2,000 more US troops from Afghanistan, and a new administration will soon be taking office in Washington.

Khan's visit produced a long and detailed joint statement outlining how Islamabad and Kabul plan to cooperate moving forward.

What was the motivation for Khan's visit? How was it received in Kabul? And what does it mean for Afghanistan-Pakistan relations and the Afghan peace process moving forward? The latest edition of The AfPak File addresses these questions and more.

Joining the discussion are Amina Khan, director for the Middle East and Africa at the Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad; Mohammad Amin Mudaqiq, an Afghan journalist and the Director of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Radio Mashaal; and Michael Kugelman, Asia Program deputy director and senior associate for South Asia at the Wilson Center.

Muhammad Tahir, media manager with RFE/RL in Washington, DC, moderates the discussion.

This podcast originally appeared on RFE/RL.


Muhammad Tahir

Media Manager, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Asia Program

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