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Environmental Security
Relief, Recovery, and Peace: A Follow-up Interview with DAS Iris Ferguson
21:22February 16, 2024

Relief, Recovery, and Peace: David Nicholson on COP28’s New Theme

21:30November 15, 2023

In a new mini-series previewing the upcoming UN Climate Summit (COP28)’s new focus on relief, recovery, & peace, ECSP Program Director Lauren Risi spoke with David Nicholson, Director of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change Technical Support Unit at Mercy Corps.

Nicholson described his role in ensuring that climate change is at the center of Mercy Corps’ wide-ranging and successful global humanitarian aid programs in 42 countries—and the importance of having local staff to make interventions a true partnership. He also talks about climate finance, and his hopes that COP28’s theme of “relief, recovery and peace” will advance the view that peacemaking is essential to adaptation efforts. 

Read selected highlights of our discussion below – and listen to the entire conversation here: Relief, Recovery, and Peace: David Nicholson on COP28’s New Theme

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David Nicholson

David Nicholson

Chief Climate Officer, Mercy Corps

Environmental Change and Security Program

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