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Sputnik V: International Success, Domestic Problems

30:25March 16, 2021

Sputnik V, Russia's COVID-19 vaccine, is not just a scientific achievement but a golden moment for vaccine diplomacy. Despite the initial distrust — some of which persists — dozens of countries have granted Sputnik V emergency use authorization. Why is Russia falling behind in its domestic vaccination campaign, and will Russia be able to maintain its international vaccine leadership?

The Kennan Institute's Maxim Trudolyubov discusses Sputnik V with Olga Dobrovidova, one of Russia’s leading science and environment journalists, and Judy Twigg, a professor of political science at Virginia Commonwealth University and expert on global health and Russian politics.

Correction: At the time of this conversation, Hungary and Slovakia had purchased the Sputnik V vaccine, while the Czech Republic had only expressed interest.

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