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Become a Contributor to Sources and Methods

Sources and Methods showcases fresh archival evidence and presents new insights into contemporary international history. Edited by the Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program, the blog features content written by international history experts, historically-interested policymakers and practitioners, as well as the interested public.

We welcome submissions written in an informative but casual style that discuss diplomatic history, regional security issues, or nuclear history. Sources and Methods accepts submissions of all forms, but most posts fall into one of the following categories:

  • Archival highlights and commentaries on primary sources retrieved from non-US archives,
  • History “explainers” and commentaries that bridge the past and present,
  • Field reports from archives and libraries,
  • Teasers for new books and other major publications in international history,
  • Debates among multiple parties on historically-relevant topics,
  • Information on new, unique, or under-utilized resources.

We ask that submissions be no longer than 800 words. If you would like to submit a proposal or draft, contact the editorial team at

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