Earlier this year, on March 16, 2013,  the Women in Public Service Project at the Wilson Center hosted a roundtable in China in partnership with the Ford Foundation and the Wellesley Center for Women.

The Roundtable aimed to incubate women leadership potentials and find solutions to the pressing issues of gender equality and serving the public.

The roundtable featured an introduction by Katherine Wilhelm of the Ford Foundation. The panel then proceeded into a discussion of some of the most pertinent issues facing Chinese women today including rights and sexual harassment in the workplace, anti-discrimination lawmaking in China, new developments, changes in the women’s rights protection in criminal justice in the new criminal procedure law, and legislation on women’s rights and domestic work in Shanxi Province. The panel concluded by having all of the participants’ draft a platform of action in which they delineated the next steps they would take to resolve some of the many challenges they addressed at the day’s event.