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“This will be a welcome addition, because of the way the book is framed, its comprehensiveness, and the reputation and expertise of the authors.”—James Goldgeier, George Washington University

“A fine overview… A good example of how to approach major themes in contemporary international history.”—Thomas W. Maulucci, Jr., H-France

“This collection boasts an impressive variety of well-written essays.”—William Glenn Gray, H-Diplo

“This book makes an interesting and highly readable contribution to the literature on transatlantic relations.”—Andrew Barron, Modern and Contemporary France

Chapter List

Introduction: Relations in a Strategic Triangle—Bonn/Berlin, Paris, and Washington

Part I: The European Community at the Crossroads
1. Building Europe: The European Community and the Bonn-Paris-Washington Relationship, 1958–1963
Desmond Dinan
2. Germany and the Discord of Its Allies: The Case of the European Political Union
Martin Koopmann

Part II: The NATO Crisis of the 1960s and the Maturation of the Strategic Triangle
3 The NATO Crisis of 1966–1967: Confronting Germany with a Conflict of Priorities
Helga Haftendorn
4. The NATO Crisis of 1966–1967: A French Point of View
Frédéric Bozo
5. The De Gaulle Challenge: The Johnson Administration and the NATO Crisis of 1966–1967
Thomas A. Schwartz

Part III: Dealing with the Collapse of Bretton Woods
6. The Search for a New Monetary System: Germany’s Balancing Act
Michael Kreile
7. France, European Monetary Cooperation, and the International Monetary System Crisis, 1968–1973
Eric Bussière
8. The United States and the Search for a New Economic and Monetary System in the 1970s
William H. Becker

Part IV: Ostpolitik and Détente
9. German Ostpolitik in a Multilateral Setting
Helga Haftendorn
10. President Pompidou, Ostpolitik, and the Strategy of Détente
Georges-Henri Soutou

Part V: Testing Détente and Relaunching Europe
11. The United States Tests Détente
Gale A. Mattox
12. From Euromissiles to Maastricht: The Policies of Reagan-Bush and Mitterrand
Samuel F. Wells Jr.
13. Germany and Relaunching Europe
Markus Jachtenfuchs

Part VI: NATO and Post–Cold War Challenges
14. Enlarging NATO: The German-American Design for a New Alliance
Stephen F. Szabo
15. NATO and the Balkan Challenge: An American Perspective
Kori Schake

Epilogue: A New Geometry?

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