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“This book is… a personal account that is likely to remain an unrivalled source for the behind-the-scenes story.”—David McDowall, Times Literary Supplement

“With a tremendous amount of detail and perspective to the story of peacemaking during the past thirty years, the book fixes the historical record in substantial ways. Excellent work.”—Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer, Princeton University

“This is an extremely rich and valuable volume. The overall narrative is remarkably complete. There are also copious and detailed notes throughout, mostly pertaining to the events in which Hirschfeld participated, or at least observed, and also often bringing in relevant scholarly literature.”—Mark Tessler, University of Michigan

“If you want to know about back-channel negotiations, this book is a must to read.”—Ambassador Dore Gold, former Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations

Chapter List

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1. The Camp David Accords Lay the Foundations for a Two-State Solution, 1978–79

2. The First Multitrack Diplomacy Efforts and the Unsuccessful “Jordanian Option,” 1979–88

3. A Multitrack Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations, 1989–91

4. Back-Channel Negotiations in Norway: The Challenges, the Planning, and the Track-Two Efforts of the Oslo Accords, 1991–93

5. Preparing for Permanent Status: The First Attempt, 1993–96

6. Keeping the Oslo Process on Track: Multitrack Diplomacy during the First Netanyahu Government, May 1996–May 1999

7. The March of Folly: Ehud Barak’s Attempt to Conclude a Permanent Status Agreement, May 1999–February 2001

8. Life after Failure: The ECF in Search of a Strategy, February 2001–February 2003

9. Trial and Error in Testing Three Paradigms, January 2003–February 2009

10. Forging an Israeli-Palestinian Two-State Solution: Track-Two Recommendations for the Kerry Initiative

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