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China and MENA

The Middle East Program is collaborating with Raseef22, the region’s first independent digital media platform, to produce a series of reports on Sino-MENA relations from the perspective of investigative journalists and researchers on the ground in the region.

Raseef22 is focused on developments on the political, economic, socio-cultural fronts across the MENA region and publishes in both English and Arabic. MEP's objective is to shed light onto China's various economic, trade and political relationships and engagements in the region, which continues to be yet another theatre for great power competition. In an environment that is in a state of perpetual change, Raseef22 serves as a cornerstone for incisive commentary, illuminating the multi-faceted aspects encompassing political strategies, economic collaborations, and socio-cultural transformations transpiring across the MENA region. 

Under the stewardship of the Middle East Program, this initiative seeks to highlight the diverse nature of China's engagements and connections in the region. From economic relations and trade coalitions to political ties, the initiative endeavors to dissect the intricate web of interactions, gauging the prospective ramifications and influences altering regional dynamics.

This partnership aims to accentuate the significance of the MENA region in the escalating narrative of major power rivalry. In this regard, the MEP is devoted to uncovering the nuanced layers of these relationships, nurturing an encompassing comprehension that might facilitate maneuvering through the fluctuating dynamics.

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