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Kennan Institute Publications

The Kennan Institute manages a series of publications, including our Kennan Cables series and Russia File and Focus Ukraine blogs. You can learn more about our work below.

Meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Yerevan, Armenia (October, 2019; photo:

Kennan Cables

A Kennan Institute publication series featuring research and analysis from Kennan Institute staff, scholars, and alumni, created to present our readers with new ideas and perspectives on the region.

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President Vladimir Putin delivered his state of the union address to the Federal Assembly on January 15, 2020. Source:

Russia FIle

The Russia File provides insights on current events in Russia, US-Russian relations, and other critical issues of the day.

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An aerial view of Kyiv, Ukraine

Focus Ukraine

Focus Ukraine offers insights on current events in Ukraine, US-Ukrainian relations, and other critical issues of the day.

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Image Wassily Kandinsky Moscow. Red Square

Иными словами

«Иными словами» — это медийный проект Института Кеннана, запущенный в рамках программы Института по поддержке независимой российской журналистики.

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Cover image of Occasional Paper #311

Occasional Papers

Reports on completed research projects or works-in-progress written by resident scholars and visiting speakers. Electronic versions of the most recent Occasional Papers are available for download.

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