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Rethinking the Power of Money

In this collection of essays on rethinking the power and influence of digital money, the Wilson Center’s Geoeconomics Initiative and the Digital Assets Forum seek to address how reimagining money could shape not only the global financial landscape, but also be part of the emerging new financial order worldwide. Digital money can lead to greater efficiencies in transactions, but the price to be paid can be high, ranging from data surveillance and to breach of privacy. The financial revolution that comes with digital money can lead to tremendous opportunities in emerging markets and greater access to capital, but the volatility of certain instruments cannot be ignored.


  • Preface: Shihoko Goto
  • What China’s embrace of digital currency means for the world: Martin Chorzempa
  • Prospects of Weaponizing Digital Money: Antonio Fatas
  • Reimagining the power of money through digital currencies: Michael B. Greenwald and Logan Weber
  • Can digital currencies jump-start Africa’s economies?: Viola Llewellyn, Mohamed Taysir
  • Latin America’s digital currency challenge: Mijail Popov