In this encore broadcast host John Milewski discusses the role that women played in the Arab Spring and how these roles might evolve in the coming months and years with the enormous political changes sweeping the region. He is joined by Moushira Khattab, Lilia Labidi, and Haleh Esfandiari. Moushira Khattab is a human rights activist who formerly served as Minister of Family and Population for Egypt. She also served as Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vice Chair of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and was Egypt's ambassador to South Africa during the Mandela era. Lilia Labidi is an anthropologist and professor at the University of Tunis who currently serves as Minister of Women's Affairs in the Republic of Tunisia. Previously she was a visiting professor at the American University in Cairo and a fellow here at the Wilson Center. Haleh Esfandiari is author of the book, "My Prison My Home: One Women's Story of Captivity in Iran." Haleh serves as the director of the Wilson Center's Middle East program.