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Digital Assets Forum

Digital assets and the metaverse have become a focus of attention for government and industry.  Blockchain technology has fundamentally altered data storage, processing, financial transactions, and the nature of the definition of an “asset.” Cryptocurrency, NFT’s and the metaverse have become code words for monumental technological growth and innovation. This revolution is changing how financial systems operate; society’s function and transactions take place. The implications of the evolution of blockchain technology touches every aspect of infrastructure and social activity, both within and outside of the United States.

The Wilson Center’s Digital Assets Forum has a mission to present reliable unbiased information concerning the evolution in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.  We provide a realistic assessment of the future and opportunity of increasing focus on metaverse-related technology. 

Research & Content

The Digital Assets Forum, under the leadership of Chair Alan Rechtschaffen, will identify technological and global market development and brief policy leaders on key issues including:

  • Encouraging technological innovation
  • Regulating of digital assets and cryptocurrency
  • Securing blockchain technology and digital assets
  • Protecting investors in digital assets and monitoring transaction
  • Taxing of digital assets
  • Monetary policy implications of CBDC and private cryptocurrency
  • Inequality issues in the metaverse
  • Environmental implication of blockchain technology


To get involved, please email Alan Rechtschaffen, Chair of the Digital Assets Forum, at 

Insight & Analysis

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View conversations with leading experts on digital asset technology and its intersecting policy concerns.